Who is Ian?

I got my start in digital media back in 2008 when I was recruited by Next New Networks to help launch 100 original “online TV networks” within a year. While that dream was far from attainable as a company, I was geared primarily towards the editing, filming and co-producing a daily automotive news show, Fast Lane Daily.

Eventually, years later, I’ve evolved in my expertise from video production, through photography, and eventually to social media marketing and strategy. In a sense, I’ve come full circle and landed back on the cusp of internet building, the way I did back in 2008 when YouTube was just a small little website with cute cat videos.

What I do?

I’ve successfully helped develop a few online communities and YouTube shows, and the associated social media accounts, primarily Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

Helping people comes naturally, as does the interest in building things. This is where I get my inspiration, working with people to grow and create, either from the ground up or at some point along the way.

What is my process?

My process is simple, but ultimately complex. I prefer to gather the information needed from you in order to take the first steps towards making you grow and stand out in your own way, and then dive right in.

  1. Determine your target market and audience
  2. Find influencers in your niche or area
  3. Develop a plan of attack to create or build
  4. Create, grow audiences and publish content

Why choose me?

I’m an easy going and laid back person with a keen sense of technology, creative and strategy. My goal is to make you happy while achieving ideal results in a reasonable amount of time. I’m motivated and driven to succeed, and based on my experience this is what I can do for you.

  • Organized and effecient
  • Motivated to succeed and build your brand
  • Creative and inspired by your niche
  • Knowledgeable and tech savvy

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