Bridges and the Breeze with Mandy

Bridges and the Breeze with Mandy

I connected with Mandy through Model Mayhem in a post about my portrait project. We met up a few weeks ago to start shooting.

One thing I quickly learned, is that some people are just naturally talented when it comes to certain skills, and she’s one of them. She’s new to the modeling industry, but not new to performance. She’s had much experience with dance and theater — but after only a few months of modeling, she was on top of her game.


The theme for this shoot was just simple portraiture with weather appropriate looks, matching her fashion sense. We decided that the bridges around Central Park would be a nice focal point for capturing these colder-weather looks. She selected a few of her favorite outfits, brought a whole suitcase to pick from, and we tried to find a look that would be tolerable — considering the dropping temperatures.

As the wind started to pick up, it made things a bit uncomfortable. We did luck out with an above average day for the season, though, because it snowed the next day. Conditions were definitely not ideal, but it worked out and we captured some stunning photos.


Ultimately this was a short and sweet sort of shoot.

We had fun talking about New York, surviving here, and what it’s like to be a fast walker. Mandy was a pleasure to work with and I think the photos are proof of her ability to strike the right pose with almost no direction. With more time and better weather, we can definitely come up with more creative and exciting work. While this shoot was a simple portrait session to create some straight forward portfolio work, it hit the right notes and I think we came up with some nice photos.


There’s no doubt that she’s going catch her break and be big someday soon, and am glad to have worked with her before I miss the popularity boat. I look forward to coming up with more creatively themed portraits with Mandy in warmer weather.

You can contact her through her website

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