Exploring the park with Regan

Exploring the park with Regan

Regan got in touch with me after seeing Mandy’s portrait session and wanted to create something similar for her portfolio. She’s studying theater and dance, and so our location ended up being a natural fit, though it wasn’t what I had originally scouted or planned for… however, what we captured ended up being much better.


The weather threw a hurdle at us, so we tried to find something closer to home, which turned out to be Central Park. This worked out really well for the dance theme, as it lends itself to contrasting fake nature and humanity. I mean, all parks sort of do that.

Considering how large it is, there were so many small staircases, paths, stone structures, and other things to find without really doing much beyond walking.


Regan brought a few outfits, and we found some cool areas of the park that would either contrast or compliment what she was wearing. We managed to get some really cool looks, in spite of fighting tourists in the trendy areas of the park.


During our dance sequence a group of highschool students in a photography class visiting NYC from Florida happened to find us – and naturally they wanted to join in and capture some photos of Regan by the big steps leading down to Bethesda Fountain. It’s a great location, hopefully they got some good shots too!


Overall this was a really fun shoot, we got to experiment a bit, walked around the park in circles, but managed to do it all in a relatively short period of time. Mostly because Regan was fun, easy going, and great to work with. That and the weather was cold so we didn’t want to waste any time freezing our butts off.


In case you’re wondering, Regan’s available for freelance projects and you can get in touch with her through her website. She’s currently working on a musical album, amongst other things – which you can learn more about on her site.

Hopefully we’ll get a chance to work on something together again in the future!

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