Welcome to the Brooklyn Jungle

Welcome to the Brooklyn Jungle

We started off venturing into the jungle, or what felt like the jungle. Humidity was definitely over 80% on this oddly warm winter day. Corinne was wearing weather appropriate clothing for the temperature indoors, I was wearing a heavy coat and sweating through it like a dog in heat.

So as we walked through this summer hotbox, we found some cool foliage and set up shop. Appropriately, Corinne had these cool sunglasses that worked perfectly for the indoor greenery. What a great choice!


Need I say it again, this winter in NYC has been one of the stupidest in memory, so deciding on the right style or outfit has been a big challenge, as has been shooting photos without cancelling due to the weather. It’s happened at least 5 times now.


As we ventured outdoors into the sun, looking for more fun backdrops, it started getting windy which only made us work faster.

There was a ton of cool architecture, places to sit or stand, though lots was roped off to help it recover from summer trampling and winter cold, which got me yelled at quite a few times… and we didn’t want to get banned for life, because it’s such a beautiful place.


Dat hairflick.

We soon realized we were about to get kicked out. Closing time had approached pretty fast, either because we were having a good time, or I took too long to take shots.

As the security guards practically chased us out on golf carts, we tried to grab just a few more shots.


So, until next time?

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And never forget, always be a happy tree...

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