Traveling Through the Gate of Hell

Traveling Through the Gate of Hell

And so we were off…

Sofya and I set out to explore the gates of hell, or the path to hellgate, or something like that. It’s a cool location and that’s all you need to know.


The weather was a mixed bag of unknowns, thanks to global warming, though I cannot confirm or deny if that’s real or not. It looked like rain but turned out to be a pretty decent, if not a bit windy and chilly day. Basically, mixed sun and clouds… and a whole lot of awesome.

Well, Sofya brought the awesome, I brought myself as a camera turtle.


We passed through the grey clouds, across an eerie footbridge to an island sanctuary, though that probably had nothing to do with it. Most likely it was the forecast telling us that we had an hour of pain before things turned around, for a few hours of pleasure. For the first time in a while, “they” were actually right – and we lucked out. Totally nailed the timing.


Sofya chose the perfect outfit to compliment the columns, looming arches, narrow structures and the seasonal tones of our environment. As a result, much like the long vertical columns, her long white legs were the support structures for her figure. The juxtaposition worked out exceptionally well.

Black on black and black on white, no matter what you call the combo, it was a great match for the brown-grey stones and peaking green from the grass being reborn after winter. Also, her long coat really sealed the deal.


Continuing on our journey, we passed through the gates and found a new path. Freedom from the typical. Well, we thought so at least. In reality we were trapped by our own decision.


The real path to hell is probably less beautiful.

We arrived in the grungy, graffiti tagged end. It wasn’t characterized by the same powerful brown and grey lines and stunning forms, guiding our previous course. Instead, it was a dark pit of urban decay and deterioration, with a loss of all intent and devoid of meaning; Covered in the scars of abandonment.


What once had purpose was merely a track laid to rest, left to the chaos of time and the punishment of humanity. Much like the gate of hell, you enter and regret nothing, as you have only yourself to blame for taking the path you’ve chosen. Abstract thoughts aside, we were allowed to escape.


This was a great shoot with tons to explore, big structures to utilize and a whole lot of fun. This is a place that we’re keen on revisiting in warmer weather and potentially capturing the edgy nature of it in a different, yet appropriate style… but we’ll see!


Either way, Sofya was jumping with joy!


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