Marina Semone Photoshoots

Marina Semone Photoshoots

In an effort to keep content flowing, here’s a bit of a write up about the series of impromptu photo shoots for Marina Semone Bridal.

In September my wife was ready to launch her bridal line with a social media push, mostly using Instagram. She started the initial outreach with bridal and wedding photographers  but I was also available to help out, because photography has been a passion since I was a child.

I’m anything but a bridal or wedding expert, though I said yes to the dress, mostly because I love photography, and it was something new to add to my portfolio. I stepped into this project, and never intended to enjoy it as much as I did.

But it proved me wrong. I’ve had such a great time working with models that I’ve started a new portfolio project to improve my portfolio for 2017 mostly artistic portraits and fashion street stuff. Stay tuned for blog posts featuring each person I work with, you can also follow me on Instagram for the latest, if you’re not already.

Working with a few models that Marina found through Model Mayhem, we got started on a some shoots. The first one was in Prospect Park at the end of summer, with a runway model Kaitlyn Bell, who was in New York for some other work. We roamed around the southwestern side of the park and put together a series of shots, using walkways and paths in the park to focus on the dress.

Kaitlyn Bell - Prospect Park

For our second shoot, we targeted the theme ‘golden hour near the Brooklyn Bridge,’ working with makeup artist Alex and model Olya Smith. We got the timing right and the shots turned out great  unfortunately the weather got cold way too fast. It was windy and the temperature dropped making it rushed and uncomfortable for Olya. Fortunately we got some excellent shots, but we did cut things close.

This past fall has been an unpredictable mess, and generally way too cold for wedding dresses.

Following this shoot, we moved back to new locations in Prospect Park to capture a fall foliage shoot, before the cold weather took over completely. We weren’t so lucky, yet again, but did manage to pull together a few good shots (while freezing). Joining us this time was Sharena, who is represented by Shot Model Agency.

And that wrapped up the bridal photoshoot season for Marina Semone, at least for outdoor shoots. It’s a real challenge setting these up due to the size of the gown, the makeup requirements, and then finding a quality uncrowded outdoor location in NYC around the holidays, and then throw changing seasonal weather into the mix – and you’ve got a recipe for frustration.

Ultimately we got some great shots for the project but it would have been much better in warmer weather… maybe this spring we’ll be able to do much more. Stay tuned!

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