Sunset under the pier with Amber

Sunset under the pier with Amber

Amber connected with me on Instagram. She was looking to get some photos and improve her comp card, as she’s represented by John Casablancas agency.

As someone new to the modelling industry, she was interested in practicing and experimenting, which is a great way to build experience and get some photos to use at the end of it.


For our shoot, we discussed potential locations, including NYC and some nature-oriented stuff in Connecticut. Amber was right on the money when pointing out a park located on the coast, Silver Sands State Park. It’s located in Milford, CT and is a beautiful little place with an island estuary connected by a tidal sand bar at low tide, something we almost got trapped on – more on that later.

We initially planned our shoot around a winter theme, cold weather stuff like puffy fur lined coats and hats, things of that nature. Unfortunately the weather this winter has been too complicated to rely on, so we had to cancel once or twice to find a day that would fit both of our schedules and the forecast.

Finally, we nailed a day and the weather was pretty great, though not perfect it was enough to get some sunny shots at a really nice park in Connecticut.


Though it started to get cold, Amber pushed through some mild discomfort as the winds picked up. We were able to get a few different looks and survived the day with great photos at the end of it.


The best part of the whole shoot came at the end of the day when we almost got trapped on the island. We had walked over the rocky sandbar during low tide… and as we were shooting, the tide suddenly changed, and we had to frantically run full speed through slippery rocks as the water began to cover our only path back to the mainland. It would have been a much crazier story to get the police / coast guard involved, though thankfully it didn’t come to that.


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