Williamsburg with Katya

Williamsburg with Katya

I met Katya on Instagram through a shared interested in photography themes, and we started a discussion about potentially shooting some portraits.

Apparently she had never really done straight forward portraiture before, but had experience modelling for a few publications doing artistic shadowy work, so this was a fun experience.


We were both able to get out of our comfort zones, so to speak, and attempt things that we hadn’t done frequently. We happened to get a really cold day after rescheduling due to the weather, as this winter has been absolutely nutty.

It worked out, but we were really rushed and had to make things happen fast. First we walked onto the Williamsburg Bridge to get some cool shots down the walking path. It was really cold, fortunately Katya had her “stolen” fur on her, which she took from her Mother apparently.


Moving along, we walked around the neighborhood looking for unique spots to get some fun photos, hoping to find an abandoned looking lot or building, but it just wasn’t happening, and the wind was picking up and temperatures were dropping.

I think there were even some snowflakes, it was not a great day to keep wandering around, so we called it a day.


As warm weather approaches, I’m looking forward to hopefully shooting more artistic stuff indoors and out, with shadows, abandonment, and unique lighting effects, because that’s what she really enjoys, and it’s a look we’re both interested in creating.


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