Tryin’ Fort Tryon

Tryin’ Fort Tryon

All the way uptown…

I’ve only been around the cloisters once, or maybe twice if you count a terrible car review I shot back in 2009. Beyond that, I was really interested in exploring the area with Mandy. We lucked out on a warmer than usual day, though it was surrounded by a March blizzard and then more cold and snow for the following week. It’s been a challenging winter with lots of spring teasers throughout.


Because of the randomness of the weather and snow covering everything, we just meet up and wandered around to find interesting looking scenes, so there’s not too much of a story to be told, however I’m going to create one anyway.


Fort Tryon began its conversion into a park when John D. Rockefeller bought the Billings Mansion and hired the Olmstead Brothers who had built Central Park and Prospect Park to complete it.


Little did we know, but the shots we captured were originally part of the Billings Mansion, which burned to the ground in a fire. The only remaining structures were these amazing tunnel-like archways which were the original entry or walkway up to the mansion.


Winter in NYC can be quite harsh, as the boroughs are surrounded by water causing obnoxiously humid breeze, which traps the cold air and funnels wind through it’s streets, amplifying the effect of windchill to really irritating levels. I’d much prefer cold and dry, but we get what we get. I guess it’s a penalty for living in a place with access to so much.


We continued wandering through the park, and found some cool steps and grey stones that complimented Mandy’s eyes. There was even some green stuff peaking through the melting snow. Well, I guess ivy never really dies so it was probably just hanging out as it normally does, but it was fun to look for some constructed nature in the concrete jungle.


And so we captured what we could and while the story is short, there’s always fun to be had in the park, so head up there when it’s warm and take a stroll the way the Rockefellers intended you to, it’s truly a beautiful place.

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