Hey! My name's Ian, here's a little about me.

I got my start in digital media back in 2008 when I was recruited by Next New Networks to help launch 100 original “online TV networks” within a year. While that dream was crazy and ambitious, I was fortunate to be focused primarily towards the editing, filming and co-producing of the daily automotive news show, Fast Lane Daily in addition to working on creating pilot projects and various other series.

Eventually years later, I’ve evolved in my expertise from video production, through photography, and even social media strategy. In a sense, I’ve come full circle and landed back on the cusp of internet building, the way I did back in 2008 when YouTube was just a small little website with cat videos.

At the moment, a large focus of my creative energy is on portrait photography and Instagram growth strategy. I do still work on client-based video editing as well, so if you might be interested in hiring me for any of these things, please do get in touch and let’s work together!